Weatherproof Mounting Solutions & Media Messaging Hardware and Software

  • Specifically designed mounts and accessories for every type and size of outdoor installation.
  • All mounts are completely weatherproof and carry a lifetime warranty.
  • Flush Wall Mounts / Ceiling Mounts / Articulating Mounts and standalone pole based mounting solutions are also available.
  • Water proof remote controls
  • Dust and dirt covers for all size of displays
  • Anti Theft hardware

Digital Signage and Deployment ready.

Whether you have a software and signage platform in place or not, we can work with you at every level. We have extensive experience in small and large signage roll out projects and can assist you at every stage you may need help with.

We have several software and media player partners that have long, detailed success stories and we will sync everyone up to ensure the perfect result.

Please call to discuss your project; we are standing by ready when you are!

HD Wireless Tranceiver

Flat Wall Mount 46/47/55” TV

Flat Wall Mount 46/47/55” TV

Dual Arm Articulating Wall Mount 32” TV

Brightsign Media Players

Deck Planter Pole 46/47” TV

Ceiling Mount 46/47” TV