Key Features

The Best Selling Outdoor Displays in the World

Commercial clients now have an affordable, completely reliable outdoor display options that can accommodate any project. All of the manufacturer’s we represent continue to raise the performance bar while boasting the highest all–weather and outdoor viewing abilities on the market. We carry mounting solutions that will also stand up to the wind / rain and cold, with even the remotes being weatherproof!



Whether you are thinking of mounting 32” on the wall by your hot tub, cottage deck, or even if you are looking to mount a few 65” displays on your restaurant patio, we have several perfect options that will not only stand up to the elements, but to also protect against vandalism and theft.


Key Features

  • All of the Outdoor Solutions we recommend are completely weather resistant.
  • Temperature ratings, Hot or Cold – All of the displays we represent are ready to perform in -30 / + 120 degree weather.
  • Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air.
  • RS232 serial control with discrete on, off, and input.
  • FULL wireless remote Media and Content control, we will walk you through step by step training on how to operate the software that will allow you to change your messaging and the other information you want to showcase on your displays.
  • Some options come with Weatherproof, built–in 20W speakers.
  • All systems can be equipped with anti-theft hardware.
  • Outdoor Displays will supply and install any of the equipment you purchase, should you require it. Just ask your account representative for details!!

Outdoor Digital Signage for an Interactive World

With the overwhelming use of smart phones and tablet devices with consumers of all ages and demographics, consumer’s expectations for entertainment and information that’s available anywhere and everywhere has grown exponentially. For outdoor venue operators, this means engaging their patrons with full–motion video, high resolution messaging , and compelling interactive content. For the next generation of outdoor digital signage. At Outdoor Displays, we have experience in all areas of outdoor digital signage roll out projects. Whether you require ( 1 ) stand alone display or ( 50 ) displays, we will plan and recommend the best strategy to get your message to be presented in a clear, concise manner that makes the biggest impact.