32" Pro Series Outdoor Touch Screen - DS-3214TSL

The NEW SunBriteDS model DS-3214TSL is available to order now

NEW SunBriteDS - Digital Signage - 32" outdoor, weatherproof LED touch screen, digital signage monitor - in landscape-mode. Commercial-grade Pro Series all-weather 32" DS-3214TSL with super bright LED screen & Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology to prevent isotropic blackout - or those dark spots that cover most monitor screens under direct sunlight. The DS-3214TSL is engineered for sun direct applications.

Complete with 3M Dispersive Signal Touchscreen and anti-reflective protection glass.

Load-up an interactive map, menu or game to connect and entertain. The 32" portrait-mode DS-3214TSL features a powder-coated aluminum exterior - to defend against harsh weather ... multi-fan airflow system that keeps the unit cool & dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F, full-HD 1080p, a type “B” jack for Microtouch HID Touch interface and a two-year parts & labor warranty. This model is shipped with a weatherproof remote control and SunBriteDS Digital Signage operator's manual.

NOTE: The DS-3214TSL does not include its speaker. It requires a separate detachable,weatherproof speaker module - the SB-SP3246 for crisp, high-quality sound. Please purchase the speaker if sound is required with this model.